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istambay by diazjenno istambay :icondiazjenno:diazjenno 7 6 Church by myaeonfluxproject Church :iconmyaeonfluxproject:myaeonfluxproject 5 0 Kristelle by redgreave Kristelle :iconredgreave:redgreave 1 14 sky blue by diazjenno sky blue :icondiazjenno:diazjenno 8 12 KAWAII by Azumi212 KAWAII :iconazumi212:Azumi212 7 1
I tried to touch you;
A hindrance in between.
I tried to call you;
A sound clamoring in.
What were we like before?
Why did we do it, therefore?
I cried.
You smiled.
I laughed.
Did you die?
What was it like before?
Why did we do it, therefore?
You woke up.
Was it the same day?
I wanted to go out.
You asked me to stay.
Where were we before?
Why did we do it, therefore?
I tried to touch you;
Your hands are cold.
I tried to tell you;
Your ears are closed.
How did we get there before?
Why did we do it, therefore?
It's a mirror,
The hindrance in between.
It's my voice,
The sound clamoring in.
:iconk1haku:k1haku 5 3
Broken Glass Heart
The pieces of a glass heart shattered as it made impact onto the cold stone ground, all the fragile pieces shattering and going off violently in different directions.  She knew the truth all along, she could feel it before it was revealed to her. However, when those words of truth were uttered, her world crumbled and crashed all around her.
She smiled. "Don't worry about me, I'm alright."
A lie
"I only want you to be happy, so don't worry about me."
More lies
"You know, we could always be friends and I'm okay with always supporting you and being your friend."
Lies, lies lies.
It was all ways to keep herself protected, ways to keep controlled and composed.
He said he was sorry.
He said it wasn't her, it was him.
He said he didn't want to hurt her.
Who knows if those words were true. Did it matter? No, it didn't. It still caused the same effect: grief and pain. However, she didn't show it. No, she would not let him see it.
It was time for him t
:icontensai-fu-shu:tensai-fu-shu 1 4
My mind wanders,
and I am conscious.
This kiss, like rage,
burns with unbeatable passion.
My heart beats wildy,
but not for you,
and not because of you.
Now I realize... now I am sure.
In my mind, I am aware,
knowing it is wrong
but not wanting to let go.
As I close my eyes,
you kiss me again.
Yet you don't know
I close my eyes not so I can feel
but to not look at you.
I have deceived you,
I have deceived myself.
This kiss, like poison,
seeps through me.
Toxic yet addictive.
Now I am enclosed, entrapped
in this chamber of lies
ignoring the truth
though I am  aware.
:icondeviwarchild:DeviWarchild 3 1
It binds with the intricate strings of light
Not mine
But it all shall ever be
Sweetness to the eye
Like rainbows
Dreams on the glass belly
With my broken soul I will be with you
With my own cold heart I will be with you
Without options
Without hesitations
Winter will freeze time
Let it be mine
I will be hopeful
Fading but illuminating
:iconsavillehyde:SavilleHyde 1 8
Le Jardin: A Tragedy
I am in a field where flowers bloom, and the roses with its thorns would mingle with the dandelions and the poppies, and the grass would grow to a knee high yet felt like silk to the skin.
And a boy was there, with his dark hair and eyes and with a silent and gentle glance that that ensnared my heart, and with his outstretched hand he pulled me from where I sat and led me further to the woods. And as we advanced our strides hastened, and the rim of my dress was torn by the thorns and bushes of our path, and my legs were grazed by the blades of the grass.
There were trees with their arms stretched, flourished trees whose leaves fluttered against the wind like a thousand birds with their soft wings, and intertwined with their trunks were the blossomed roses of scarlet and blue, with faces that seemed to bear wide and warmhearted grins.  And at each compelled glance at their splendor my hand loosened its grip and I would stumble to the ground, and I saw that his glances were col
:iconsavillehyde:SavilleHyde 4 13
My Own In a Bundle
How long do they say do we slip in a dream
Until it hurts us both?
You are none but the gorgeous stardust
Sweetness from closed eyes to my brow
I wondered then how long
Did the Madonna Stay by His side
When the Son called her “woman”
How long will I last then?
When your rattles turn to knives
Or knives to buds and blossoms
Or blossoms to mocking stones;
I am taken by those gentle arms
That wrap around my waist every night
That I become so careless, frantic,
Nervous I might not have done things right
What thoughts have lingered in your eyes,
Those times I dropped you carelessly?
Those times I condemned myself more
Than they spitefully condemned me
Of how much longings have imprisoned and lashed
And endlessly have tempted me;
And how I see you as though my heart would burst
That neither the tears he has brought
Or the years the darkness has reduced me,
Lying in remorse,
Could replace the love that blossoms from you.
:iconsavillehyde:SavilleHyde 1 0
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